USA haulage delays due to shortage of truck drivers.

Our US affiliates have advised that Importers and exporters predominately moving FCL containers ex Illinois and Michigan areas can expect up to 30 days delay for containers and delivery shipments due to a shortage of truck drivers.

The start of the US winter saw many veteran drivers retiring with no new or younger candidates to replace them. It is believed that factors such as high fuel and running costs with minimum wages and drivers often being away from their homes and families for weeks at a time is a part of the contributing shortage.

As this issue doesn't look to improve any time soon with Michigan being the worst affected area we can expect to see some inflated inland haulage costs. 
It has been strongly advised by our US partners that containers or shipments ex Detroit rail-head might be better off being rerouted via Chicago rail-head, this will have higher inland haulage charges but there will be fewer delays.   

For any questions or queries regarding the above please contact your local ICE branch