Change in USA Import Customs document regulations

Change in USA Import Customs document regulations
U.S Customs will no longer allow PALLET count shown on documentation for inbound shipments to the U.S.
The following message was issues by U.S. Customs as a reminder:
"Effective April 10, 2016, U.S. Customs will not allow to show "Pallet" on the import documentation, including M BL, H BL, D AWB, H AWB, Manifest, Commercial Invoice, Packing list, AMS, ISF, and/or any other related document”.
The numbers and quantities from the carrier's ocean bills of lading, either the Mater or the House, as applicable, must transmit the quantity of the lowest external packaging unit; containers and pallets are NOT acceptable manifested quantities; for example a container containing 10 pallets with 200 cartons MUST be manifested as 200 cartons.
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