Indian Monsoon Season

As the Indian Monsoon Season has just begun, running from 1st June 2016 to the end of September 2016, our Indian partners have outlined some important packing preventative measures for all importers and exporters.
  • All cargo be that Air or Sea freight should be adequately packed, palletised and shrink wrapped, which will help prevent cargo from getting wet and damp.
  • Proper packing material should be used to withstand the sea or airfreight journey.
  • All cargo must be shrink wrapped properly.
  • All wooden cases and pallets needs to be fumigated (unless otherwise stated), this will help prevent mold, moisture and dampness
  • Ensure your Marine Insurance Policy is current 
In addition, it has  been highlighted that during the Monsoon season port congestion and trucking delays can be an issue  and it has been suggested that all cargo is packed appropriately, transported and customs cleared well in advance of the port / airport cut off times. 

Disclaimer- All information / contents are for general information only. ICE does not make any guarantee on completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information. We strongly suggest you seek further advice before acting on any content / information