Importing Road Vehicles into Australia

Australian Car Imports
Importing cars into Australia is a simple process when the necessary steps are followed. However, if important steps are overlooked, vehicle importation can become a costly and time consuming exercise.
The steps required to import a road vehicle exist in order to ensure that Australian safety and environmental standards are met. The majority of cars are imported into Australia by large manufacturers who invest substantial sums of money in research and development to ensure compliance with Australia’s stringent standards.
Before importing a road vehicle you will need to obtain a Vehicle Import Approval – without this the vehicle will not be released from the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service and you will be liable for storage costs until approval is either granted or denied. In order to apply for a Vehicle Import Approval you will need to apply under one of several available import options.
All the information you need to organise the import of your vehicle can be found on the Department of Infrastructure and Transport web site: With many years of importing experience, ICE Cargo are also well qualified to provide you with advice regarding vehicle importation. Feel free to call us on 1300 CARGO1.
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